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Experience Design Studio

  Simulate reality through CGI or 360 degree photography.
Visualize with virtual elements overlayed on our reality in real-time.
Overlay text, video, graphic or animation on actual environment.


Immersive technologies like virtual, augmented and mixed reality are quickly evolving to become the new norm of entertainment, education, marketing, ecommerce, corporate & industrial training, real estate and architecture, etc. Our instructional and creative designing expertise enables us to create best user experience for these immersive technologies. Smart designs and advanced production pipelines enable us to provide budget-friendly state-of-the art solutions.


VR is changing the way content is consumed, products are marketed, employees & students are trained, products are bought, and so much more.

At LDS, our experience designers establish a highly immersive & engaging way for your audience to experience & interact with your brand. We have state-of-the-art in-house capabilities for cinematic VR production, from pre-production to deployment. Our smartly organized process for all project ensures complete transparency, a smooth development process and timely completion.





Looking for engaging content, increased traffic & increased sales?


AR technology places virtual objects in your real environment and augments your reality. LDS provides you with impressive AR solutions that creates the required content and effectively deploys it, to help engage your customers with your brand, product or service.

We strategically implement comprehensive AR solutions to a) Solve a problem like visualization of objects that either aren’t currently there, or are too expensive or too large to be showcased; or b) Create brand affinity and recall by simply creating amusing and engaging immersive experience. GET STARTED NOW


Mixed Reality is the next level of augmented reality, where it not only places virtual objects into your real world, but also understands your reality with the help of computer vision and artificial intelligence.

This is the latest technology in the world of immersive technologies, and is slowly coming to the consumer market with Facebook & Google launching compatible technologies for bring MR to the mobile platform. LDS is one of the few companies in India providing end-to-end MR solutions, not only for industrial applications, but is also working on cost-effective mobile delivery systems. GET STARTED NOW

Our Team

Bhavya Seth


Bhavya is the visionary, thinker, leader and motivator. With 11 years of experience, he has worked for clients like Nat Geo, Epic, NDTC Good Times, to name a few. He believes that VR has the power to change the world for good. His wisdom comes from his belief that ‘True knowledge is in knowing that you know nothing’.

Dhwani Shah


Dhwani is vibrant, funny and adventerous. With her expertise in user experience & instructional designing, she has worked for companies like Tata Group, ITM Group & Times Group. She is here to change the approach of education with immersive learning. She is a risk-taker and believes that ‘In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take’.

Praveen Kathikuloth

Senior Editor

Praveen is an award-winning editor and has editted popular feature films like Naam Shabana & Aiyaary, along with a long drawn list of Punjabi films and a few short films. He is down to earth and the most peaceful soul among us all. He believes that ‘The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.’

Unnikrishnan R.

VFX Supervisor

Unni’s undying passion of being a one man army, has enabled him to execute any CGI or VFX based job entirely on his own, over the last 10 years, and now his new passion is unity & unreal. And yes, he never gives up! He is a dreamer and believes that ‘If you believe in yourself, you will be unstoppable.’

Nabajyoti Das

3D Generalist

Nobo is the funnybones at LDS. From 3D modelling to rigging, lighting, texturing and animation, he can create any imagination into  a computer generated imagery. He is the creator and believes that ‘To build anything creative, you must lose your fear of being wrong.’

Ajay Agarwal

Creative Writer

Having worked as a creative writer and producer for radio & television for more than 10 years, Ajay is a right match of creativity & practicality. He is shy, sober yet mischievious. He is an avid reader and believes that ‘Balance is not something you find, it is something you create.’