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A Cinematic Virtual Reality Experience Design & Production Studio

At Lucid Dream Studio, we strive to innovate with the new medium of cinematic virtual reality, create immersive and engaging VR content, and design unforgettable VR Experiences

Lucid Dream Studio
Experience Design & Production Studio

Lucid Dream Studio is a virtual reality experience design & production studio, dedicated to producing innovative & optimum quality cinematic VR experiences. We’re a group of passionate experience designers, storytellers, film-makers, musicians, creatives and technologists thriving to create VR cinematic excellence. We blend our expertise of technology, art and storytelling to design & create ground-breaking, immersive VR / 360° videos. With focus on experience design, our endeavour with every project is to create an unforgettable experience.

  • Cinematic virtual reality experience design

  • Cinematic VR / 360° and Stereoscopic (3D) 360° video production team and equipment.

  • Cinematic VR / 360° and Stereoscopic (3D) 360° video post production facility.

  • Cinematic VR / 360° and Stereoscopic (3D) 360° video online and offline deployment.

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