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Reimagining the future

In these times of COVID-19 crisis, when both domestic and international travel is restricted and social distancing is the new norm; people will refrain from attending or participating in exhibitions, expos, conferences, or events. While everyone is going online, the online clutter is increasing exponentially and it is becoming even more difficult to stand out from the competition or to create a strong audience engagement online. We can help your business to reimagine conventional practices of reaching out to your potential customers and partners; and become ready for a post-pandemic market. With the help of the latest immersive technologies, we can design custom digital solutions that can help you teleport your potential customers to your facilities or showrooms, virtually launch and demonstrate your products, give a virtual experience of your services, or creatively engage clients with your brand, online.

full spectrum IMMERSIVE CONTENT production services

Our company is a collective of passionate artists and technicians who build delightful experiences. Within the walls of our dedicated immersive content studio, we combine our expertise to unleash the vast potential of innovative digital content

concept & immersive experience design

Our creative team works with the latest techniques and design principles to conceptualize and design immersive and interactive experiences. Our writers can convert any brief into a coherent, compelling, and captivating story. While our experience designers can convert any story into a pleasant and effective immersive experience design.

Immersive production

Immersive content production is significantly different from traditional content production and requires different production tools and expertise. We work with, state-of-the-art 360° video capture systems, experienced directors of 360 photography and videography, ambisonic (spatial) sound recordists and designers, immersive production designers, seasoned CGI artists, and interactive content developers to create exemplary immersive content.

immersive post production

Immersive content post-production requires high power hardware, multiple software solutions, and most importantly experienced digital artists, technicians, and developers. We have developed an in-house immersive content post-production pipeline using state-of-the-art technology and best industry practices to deliver optimum quality immersive digital content.

immersive deployment

Immersive content has multi-platform - online and offline deployment possibilities with variable requirements. From customized apps, WebVR development & branded headsets to custom-designed simulators and experience centers, we provide end-to-end support for both online and offline deployment to make it effortless for our clients to effectively deploy any immersive content.