Why Does Your School Need a 360 Virtual Campus Tour

Why Does Your School Need a 360 Virtual Campus Tour

One of the biggest decisions a family goes through is choosing an appropriate school for their child. Academics is considered as one of the most important aspects of choosing a school. But the final decision-making process lies in the details that make the school campus, its amenities and facilities memorable. For many parents, it might be the first time their child will be away from home for an extended period of time. And even if it is not the first time, parents want to feel comfortable and secure about the school they ultimately choose. 

That is one of the main reasons why parents want to visit the school or college before they actually make the decision to choose a particular school or college. However, not everyone has the liberty to visit each and every school before they choose the most appropriate school for their child. This may be due to various factors like time constraints, financial conditions, work commitments, distance, and more.

Offering a 360° virtual tour of your school is a great way to engage parents and prospective students. A 360 virtual campus tour allows parents to see the campus life, the laboratory where their children will experiment in, the canteen or cafeteria where they will eat, and the facilities they will learn in. Recruiting students with a 360 virtual campus tour has been a relatively newer concept. But, it’s taking the student recruiting world by storm. Here’s why your school needs a 360 virtual campus tour. 

Easily Accessible to Students & Parents

Your 360° Virtual Campus Tour can be easily integrated into your website to replicate the experience of your campus at a much lower cost that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, and on any device like smartphone, tablet, laptop desktop or VR HMD by students and their parents. This helps in increasing your website traffic and providing a secure & responsive virtual tour.

Increasing Student Enrolments

360° VR Campus Tours enhance the viewing experience of students and their parents to the next level through a more interactive engagement by adding important information to the tour using interactive hotspots. It not only allows you to repurpose your already existing marketing material like images, videos, brochures, and much more in a unique way, but also enhance their online engagement time to upto 20 minutes on an average. This highly increased online engagement helps in conversion, resulting in increased student enrolment. 

Building Connection With the Digitally Savvy Generation

A study conducted by Google and Compete states that 77% of education seekers will first visit a school’s website at least two weeks before taking action. Since most students are either Gen-Zers or late millennials, they have grown up with technology and hence have higher and different expectations of digital experiences. Your 360° Virtual Campus Tour will create a positive impression of being advanced and technologically savvy and stand apart from your competition online. 

Easily Shareable Online

360 Virtual campus tours can easily be shared on social media and can be embedded on your website. You can add specific keywords in the virtual tour title, add links and tags, all of which can be tracked in Google as part of your SEO. This helps you rank better on Google and let prospective applicants discovered you much more easily.

Creating a Lasting Impression

Tours can either be photos that allow the students to get a holistic view of all the locations, or they can involve a narrated 360° video tour of specific parts of your campus. These tours also allow you to add different marketing material like brochures, videos, testimonials, images, or any other external web links. This allows you to give additional information about the facilities, campus resources, and student life. 360 virtual campus tour is indeed a fun way to engage prospective students. And, leave them with a lasting impression.

Best Resource for Enrolment Marketing

Engaging prospective students requires engaging content. In addition to delivering unparalleled engagement and interactivity, 360 virtual campus tours provide meaningful data. This data is transformed into actionable insights that can be leveraged to design your digital marketing strategies and deliver optimal results across enrolment marketing

Virtual Tour Needs!

360 Virtual campus tours are the most effective way to show prospective students and parents your school and can contribute greatly to what will convince them to choose your school.

If you have still not made a 360 Virtual Campus Tour of your institution, now is the time. Connect with our team at Lucid Dream Studio and we will help you create the most engaging 360° Virtual Tour of your campus. 

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